Motus Nissan Tygervalley looks forward to reaching their 2024 goals

Motus Nissan Tygervalley continues to flourish

Motus Nissan Tygervalley is situated at 290 Durban road, in the Durbanville suburb of the Western Cape. The Motus owned dealership retails Nissan, Renault and pre-owned vehicles and has experienced incredible growth in the last four years.

“Our growth in the last four years has allowed and necessitated us to grow our staff compliment to 46 persons. This growth can be attributed to a number of factors including appointing the right people as well as adding the Renault franchise to our portfolio,” says Dealer Principal, Martin Smit.

“We also more than doubled the amount of pre-owned vehicles we are selling and have been able to facilitate massive growth in our workshop and parts departments where we increased our turnover four times. We have actively targeted the motor repair sector and have partnered with large players in our area which has helped us grow that portion of the business,” adds Smit.

“We also invested a lot of time into growing our sales to fleet owners, with key appointments that are dedicated to this part of the market, focussing on small to medium sized fleets,” explains Smit.
“The addition of the Renault franchise has also been key to our recent success as it does bring more feet to the dealership,” says Smit.

“I understand that as with any business there are cycles and while COVID might have been a low point we took it in our stride. We invested a lot into our staff to ensure that they continued to be looked after during the tough times and that enabled them to remain positive. Everyone that works at the dealership is valued, no matter their position,” says Smit.

“This investment included a lot of internal promotions, and the upliftment of existing staff, which is great for staff morale and retention as it shows them that their career and the progression thereof is valued. Happy staff will perform, and we are seeing the results. Our staff are our most valuable asset and I have a good team with many of the people that joined alongside me four years ago still at the dealership and flourishing,” continues Smit.

Talking about success, in 2020 Motus Nissan Tygervalley was the finance dealer of the year, in 2021 the Navara dealer of the year and finance dealer of the year and in 2022 the dealership was the runner up for dealer of the year in the large dealer category.

“Despite our recent success and the growth across our business sectors we have remained humble and continue to prioritise the delivery of great customer service. Our goals for the next 12 months are to be dealer of the year and to sell more than 100 cars a month across our operation and we are well on track to achieving those goals,” concludes Smit.