Nissan shines in 2019 AA Kinsey Report

2019 AA Kinsey Report

ROSSLYN, South Africa – Nissan has continued a winning streak, with the recently released 2019 AA Kinsey Report naming the Nissan NP200 the most affordable new car overall – across all nine categories – in terms of parts pricing. The only ¾-ton pickup on the market at the moment, the Nissan NP200 beat out a total of 71 competitors to claim the moniker.

The 2019 AA Kinsey Report
Released on Wednesday, 26 June and now in its 29th year, what was previously known as the Kinsey Report has been relabelled the AA Kinsey Report, to appear on the AASA's official website.

The report is compiled by veteran motoring journalist Malcolm Kinsey and compares popular vehicles in nine different categories, in terms of the pricing of their parts. This is further split according to the pricing of parts needed during servicing, for repairs and as a result of crashes.

Nissan NP300 first in class
Nissan enjoyed a number of mentions in the 2019 AA Kinsey Report, with the Nissan NP300 – and its total parts basket price of R61,334 - stealing the show in terms of one-ton pickups. It proved the least expensive in its category in terms of service parts, with a basket price of R3 090, as well as crash parts, with a basket price of R38 010. And in terms of repair parts, a basket price of R20 232 placed the NP300 in the second-best position in its category in this regard.

Nissan Almera third in class
Meanwhile, in the Family Favourites category, the Nissan Almera scooped third place overall, with a total parts basket price of R85 453. Its service parts basket price, of R2 768, proved to be the lowest in this category; its repair parts basket price, of R12 550, was the second lowest; and its crash parts basket price, of R70 134, was the third lowest.

In the Super Mini category, the Nissan Micra had the best pricing for both servicing and repair parts. Its service parts basket price came to R3 302 and its repair parts basket price totalled R12 835.

Finally, first place in the servicing sub-category for Cross Overs, went to the Nissan X Trail, with a basket price of R3,344.

Affordability, without compromise
"At Nissan South Africa, we pride ourselves on bringing to market affordable vehicles, without compromising on our adherence to the highest industry standards in terms of safety, comfort and innovation. The findings of the 2019 AA Kinsey Report are a reflection of our commitment to these principles as a brand," says Nissan South Africa.

The 2019 AA Kinsey Report features all Auto Trader Car of the Year 2019 finalists. Twelve vehicles that were featured in the previous year's report, have this year been omitted. However, an additional 19 have been added. Most prices in this year's AA Kinsey Report were obtained from dealers in the Durban, Pinetown and Umhlanga areas.