Nissan South Africa donates three utility vehicles to SMEs

through the NEF

Nissan South Africa has donated three more NP200 vehicles to the National Empowerment Fund (NEF) to support South African entrepreneurs with their businesses as Heritage month draws to a conclusion, bringing the total number of utility vehicles donated to 10.

The partnership between the two entities started in 2016 with the handover of various Nissan vehicles, and it continues in the same spirit today.

"Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) account for the majority of local businesses and are critical contributors to job-creation and socio-economic development. SMEs employ around 47% of the workforce in South Africa, and their entire economic production accounts for around 20% of the local GDP. In other words, they are the cornerstone of our economy, and we must proactively support them," said Wonga Mesatywa, Executive Director for Corporate Affairs at Nissan South Africa.

This Heritage Month, Nissan is reinforcing its zero-inequality ethos, which captures the essence of the company's efforts to achieve sustained mobility. As such, Nissan is always on the lookout for new and more importantly, long-term means to help society progress. "Pursuing a committed effort to build our legacy is a reflection of our very heart," adds Wonga.

Championing partnerships

"One of the market failures that continues to confront black entrepreneurs is limited own capital, a challenge that makes it all the more difficult for businesses to contribute to economic recovery, jobs and growth. The acquisition of valuable assets such as business vehicles goes a long way towards improving productivity and growth.  That is why the NEF encourages more and more players in the private sector to support enterprise and supplier development because it is a direct contribution to inclusive growth. That is why the NEF commends Nissan South Africa for being a patriotic corporate citizen by embracing the spirit and ethos of transformation," says NEF CEO Ms Philisiwe Mthethwa.

The bakkie that builds

Commenting on the donation of the legendary vehicle, Wonga said: "The locally produced NP200 is still the most hardworking and reliable halftonner in the market, bringing the modern edge and youthful energy needed to accelerate the production of any emerging business. We are proud to be sharing its experience".

Indeed, the NP200 continues to play at the core of Nissan's motoring heritage, empowering people to work hard and drive with ease.