Nissan unveils futuristic Hyper Tourer Concept

Nissan Hyper Tourer concept hints at the future of people movers

Nissan recently unveiled the Hyper Tourer Concept which illustrates their take on the future of premium mobility. The all-electric minivan focuses on nurturing and reinforcing the bond between people as they journey together and is geared towards individuals who appreciate the finer things in life and enjoy the company of friends and associates, whether on a road trip or business outing.

The Nissan Hyper Tourer combines the essence of Japanese hospitality with a wide variety of advanced technologies, including autonomous driving.

The Hyper Tourer is also so much more than a mobility solution as the V2X or Vehicle-to-Everything functionality and high-capacity battery allows electricity to be supplied to homes, stores and offices as and when necessary.

The exterior is composed of smooth body panels and sharp character lines that demonstrate traditional Japanese beauty while seamlessly harmonising with the surrounding landscape. The sides flow diagonally from the front to the rear fender resulting in higher aerodynamic performance while reinforcing the impression of the smooth driving experience that is created by the combination of an electric vehicle and autonomous driving technology. The white waistline serves as a headlight and signature lamp, while the Kumiko-patterned wheels and the soft, straight body line create a premium feel beyond the concept’s class.

The spacious interior is made possible thanks to Nissan’s EV Technology vision, which combines compact components and high-energy density all-solid-state batteries to create an innovatively packaged interior. This also results in an ultra-low centre of gravity, which when combined with the vehicle’s advanced e-4ORCE all-wheel control system, ensures a smooth and linear acceleration and deceleration sensation. The overhead console and lighting feature traditional Japanese Kumiko and koushi patterns that create a sense of luxury, while a flat LED panel in the floor displays imagery of a riverbed and the sky, contributing to a relaxing space where digital and natural worlds meet.

Fully autonomous driving enables those in the driver’s seat to focus on interacting with their travel companions. The front seats are able to swivel 360-degrees, allowing front and rear passengers to have face to face discussions. Rear seat passengers are able to use a wearable display to view and operate the navigation and audio on the front-seat central display, creating a sense of unity among all occupants. 

An innovative AI system measures biometric indicators such as brain waves, heart rate, breathing and perspiration and then automatically selects complimentary music and adjusts lighting to fit the particular mood.

With the Nissan Hyper Tourer Concept, Nissan is re-envisioning the idea of road trips by combining the comfort of a luxurious living room with the convenience of a passenger van, all contained in a stylish and futuristic package.